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  1. pydtw - lightweight constrained Dynamic Time Warping

    I have written some Python bindings for the Euclidean- and Manhattan-flavoured constrained Dynamic Time Warping similarity measure in C++. The library supports warping path extraction:

    warping path

    Furthermore, the fast windowed min-max-filter by Daniel Lemire and LB_Keogh lower bounds are provided:

    warping path

    You can check out the source at Github. Happy time series ...

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  2. NXT-Segway with gyro and light sensors

    A segway built with the Lego NXT framework using gyro sensors and a PID-controller:

    The same PID-controller balancing the segway by measuring the reflected light intensity:

    Exemplary, have a look at the source code for the gyro-driven model:

    import nxt
    bricks = list(nxt.locator.find_bricks())
    brick ...
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